A new collaborator

My name is Amanda. Michele invited me to collaborate in this blog and I accepted it (as you can see). We worked together for a while some time ago, side by side, helping each other a lot.

Working in the translation industry for more than 6 years now and having already worked in different stages of the process, both as in-house employee and freelance translator, I hope to give you some good advices I wish I was given earlier in my career. I will also present some topics that are indirectly related to our industry, but are important to improve the way we work. 

Sometimes, we are not even aware of some simple practices that can help us achieve excellence in performance and quality. But we can work this out.

Stay tuned for the next posts. Hope you have a good time reading this content!

Michele’s note: WELCOME, Amanda! I learnt a lot from her since we first met, and I’m sure you’ll find her tips much useful. If you have questions or if there’s a particular topic you’d like us to address, add it to the comments. Your input is most appreciated!

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