A Tumblr, hun?

I have a Tumblr about the translator’s tribulations. The initial idea was just to be silly and keep a record of funny gifs related to stuff that happens to us. It is in Portuguese so I can keep in touch with my mother tongue, specially slangs, and there are just a few thoughts that I have trouble conveying in English (sometimes, even in Portuguese…).
This introduction was needed for me to answer: So, why a Tumblr? I make fun of all that happens, good or bad, so I don’t go insane. This is a side project meant to be silly, so I can focus on something else other than worrying about deadlines, being up-to-date with the market, reading blogs, taking my MA classes, preparing invoices, and so much more.
Side projects are a good way for you to keep yourself sane, and also to keep your creativity flowing. You need it to produce high quality translations and revisions.

Let us hear it: do you have any side projects?

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