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An Overview

Drawing upon this post written by Michele, we can make some assumptions on why it is so important to worry about your office and the way you work.

I’d say that the top reason is because you care for your health and work, and that working from a proper desk, sitting on a comfortable chair and having easy access to your work materials will not only improve your performance, but also help you to concentrate and feel better while working.

It is not uncommon that translators (other professionals as well, but we’re focusing on translators) have to face long shifts in order to get that project done on time. How long do you think you could manage working from your couch? Try spending 8 hours working as if you were a couch potato. It does not feel so good, right? What was [the quality of] the output of your production?

Going beyond the comfort aspect, think on the impact that this practice has on your body. Your legs, arms, back and eyes will certainly suffer with it. It takes time, but one day you can just realize that that awful neck pain results from incorrect position habits.

Of course there are times when you just need to finish the job, but also wants to spend some time with your family. In this and similar cases you can take some minutes to work from the kitchen table or the couch, just don’t make a habit of it and you won’t impair neither your performance nor your health.

  1. Britax Baby Buggies

    Yes, I would definitely agree with your statement. As translators we would not concentrate about our body that much. It is necessary to care about us as health is safety.

    5 years ago

  2. Amanda Mendasoli

    You are right, Britax.
    Staying healthy and watching for ergonomics can do a lot for us.

    5 years ago


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