Translator’s Code of Professional Ethics

  • I represent my credentials, capabilities and experiences honestly.
  • I answer, courteously, inquiries related to services, fees and related subjects.
  • I accept only assignments that I have the knowledge, resources and time to do well.
  • I disclose, prior to accepting any assignment, any biases that may be relevant for the project.
  • I agree, before work starts, what is to be delivered, as well as how and when. If additional costs occur, I inform the client as soon as I acknowledge that.
  • I agree, before work starts, on payment amount, timing and currency.
  • I set my rates at levels that allow me to deliver, on an ongoing basis, the quality levels that my clients require
  • I treat all sensitive information as confidential, and take steps to protect that confidentiality.
  • I take any and all steps necessary to ensure consistent delivery of work of a high professional standard.
  • I accept responsibility for the quality of work I deliver.
  • I do not attempt to change, after work has begun, agreed-upon terms (except by mutual consultation benefiting both).
  • I do not directly contact end clients (or subcontractors) without permission from my client.
  • I attempt to resolve disputes directly among parties involved.
  • I strive to continually improve their own skills.
  • I do not unjustly criticize other professionals or their work. When editing or proofreading a project, I provide honest feedback based on examples from the text.
  • I capitalize on opportunities to further the industry as a whole.
  • I do not engage in conduct or communication unbecoming of a professional.


(adapted from Professional guidelines for translation service providers)