How does your office look like?

Working in a company, you have a space assigned to you, whether it is a cubicle or an entire desk. While freelancing, especially at the beginning of your career, you (usually) don’t want to spend much on a dream office. So you have to work using a laptop on the sofa, while someone else is watching TV, or on the kitchen table. There are so many problems with this practice. Here are a few:
      Ergonomics. Your arms must be at a 90 degree angle, you have to face the screen without much effort (that is, you should be looking straight ahead), the screen has to be a bit far from your face, so that you can see the entire screen without much eye movement. These are just a few ergonomic rules to preserve your body from work injuries. And the kitchen table is not suitable for this.

      Attractiveness. You work better in a space that is designed to work, there are no distractions. Or you think your performance is higher when typing in your bedroom, while your husband/wife/partner is asleep?

      Convenience. Your work material (dictionaries and other reference books, hand notes, agenda, etc.) should be easily reachable and all in one place in order to avoid missing important information.

Since I am in a temporary house (abroad), which is not very big, I don’t get to have my own office. So I need to work in the living room or in my bedroom, which is not much practical, because my work material is spread in these rooms.

Do you work in your own office? How does it look like?

Here’s mine:

Remember I live abroad, so I can’t purchase my dream chair… And still I managed to get some (heavy) dictionaires… Go figure!
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    Your own office looks so good except your chair. I agree you can’t go for your dream chair since you are living in a temporary house. I should appreciate your working environment because it is so tidy.

    5 years ago


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