International Translation Day

Yes, it is our day! But do you know why is International Translation Day celebrated on September 30th? Ok, you probably do, but just in case you don’t (or you don’t remember) – it is the date of death of Saint Jerome, our patron saint and Bible translator (Jill Sommer tells his story here). This date was chosen by the International Federation of Translators as a way to show sympathy to translators and to promote our profession worldwide. Every year, they celebrate it with a theme for discussion, and this year’s theme is “Translation as Intercultural Communication”.

On my side, I want to celebrate it with you, launching our Tumblr – You’re a Translator When. I have a “Um Tradutor Quando” Tumblr, where I post our daily lives and the crazy stuff that happens now and then in Portuguese. I have such a great time with it, with suggestions from friends and colleagues and… Well, why not amuse people who don’t speak Portuguese, but understand English? This is what I’m trying to do, amuse my fellows by sharing a few tales and let them know they’re not alone in their joy.

At first, I’ll be translating a few funny and popular posts from the Portuguese Tumblr. But once both Tumblrs are in sync, I’ll post the same situations simultaneously, so that you can enjoy the same story with two different GIFs – and even practise your Portuguese!

Your suggestion is much appreciated. You can send it to, along with a link you wish to display (your Twitter, website, blog…). Your suggestion will also be featured in the “Um Tradutor Quando” Tumblr.

Now congratulations to you, my dear colleague! You help make this world a better place by helping others communicate.

Happy International Translation Day!

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