Making your move via email

For the second part of this matter, let’s talk about emails. Internet is great and you can talk with anyone anywhere in the globe. Obviously, this is the preferred method for contacting potential clients. First of all, because if they are busy when you send a message, they can leave to read it more carefully later on.

Secondly, timezone. If you live in New York and you wish to contact someone in London, there is a time difference of 5 hours. When you’re starting your day, they might be wrapping things up, preparing to close the office.

Another great reason for making contact via email is the possibility to contact dozens of people in one day (if you have the time and patience, of course).

But your potential client will not read your message until the end if you don’t capture their attention. They are busy! Start by sending a direct, personal message. DO NOT mass-mail your potential clients, they will treat you as spam and block your email address.

A personal message should start with their name (whenever possible) or position – this will show them that you did your homework researching the company and you know that you might be a good fit for their needs. Also, you won’t waste your time by advertising your skills on Spanish to a company that works with Japanese only.

Although you might send your CV, keep in mind they won’t open all attachments they receive. So list your skills in the message – language pairs, expertise and experience. Go straight to the point, since sugarcoating will smell like lack of confidence.

Also keep in mind not everyone will reply. And this is actually good news, since no one could handle if all potential clients contacted replied if a job request! Stay focused and positive and the replies will start coming!

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