New Year Resolutions

This is that time when everyone starts jumping up and down either because they can’t wait for Santa or just because they still haven’t done what planned to do this year. I fit into the last category, of course… Freelance translators tend to be anxious people, always checking their email, waiting (and praying now and then) for more work to come. You know, the feast and famine thing. And when you’re this anxious, you plan on embracing the world with arms…

This has been a very good year for me, I hope you also have this feeling of “well, Santa came earlier”. I couldn’t do everything that was on my list – learning French for instance. I kept pushing a few things because I’m too busy now, I won’t be able to concentrate, etc. But I also did things that were not part of my list, such as my Masters course. This spontaneity is good, in my opinion, but it can be bad – if you take it too far, you’ll spend time that is meant for your safety on the famine period or for emergencies (you never know).

Thus, the lesson learnt this year was – Start Planning, For Heaven’s Sake! What better way to start it than making New Year’s Resolutions? Here are a few things I’m putting in my list:

  • Change the website and logo
  • Renew the blog
  • Start working on regular hours (an 18h-routine is NOT why I’m here)
  • Start doing some exercise
  • Start cutting stressful clients (low payers, late payers or disrespectful clients)

I’m still thinking if I should add more things here. What about you, any plans set?

Last post of the year, folks. I have been in a crazy schedule lately and there’s still so much to do before the 31st, so it is time to say bye-bye for now. Wish you Happy Holidays! Be back on January all fresh and full of post. Hope to see you soon! 

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