Size matters

Many translation companies require translators to do a “small test”. But their definition of “small” varies greatly. I have seen companies requiring 1000 words, 600 words, 150 words. The problem with 150 words is that the sample too small, so any error you make is too much. So is 1000 advisable? In my opinion, not really… Are you willing to work for free?

Many companies take advantage of tests, requiring a naive translator to complete 1000 words within 2 days. Then, this project is revised and sent to the client. And you never hear back from the company again. Why? Because they have to find another translator willing to take an unpaid 1000-word test.

Should you do a translation test
out of your business hours?
Not all companies do that, but you should find a number with which you are comfortable. You should find a number that takes you enough time to squeeze it in (not causing any delays in your projects): not too much you would feel “robbed”, and not too little where one error could cost you the final result.

Yes, size matters when it comes to translation tests. Have you found your number already?

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