The downside of blogging. Or not.

Viva! I want to talk about blogging in this post. After I set my blog and published a few posts, I saw this article (Why Blogs are Important for Freelancers), and started analyzing the pros and cons listed. I could not help but get stuck in the “blogging drawbacks” list, and here’s why.

Well, I’m new at this blogging thing, so I decided to check a few WordPress options and other databases – everything very much frustrating. I am not a developer, I can’t write software – not even macros, to be honest. But I’m curious. So I went to the adventure of trying to set up a local WordPress blog. I checked many tutorials in Youtube, downloaded this and that and was starting to get the hang of it. But then, when I had to install WordPress, I failed. So I redid everything. Failed again. Ok, let’s go from the beginning… Database name, user name, password, host. Everything set. No, still not working… And I kept receiving those lovely error messages – Cannot connect to your database, Internal Error, Forbidden. No matter what I changed, I could find what was wrong.

As you can see, “The time it takes to create a freelancer blog” was a serious drawback for me. Personally, I prefer everything online, nothing occupying space on my local computer. But WordPress is very stubborn and won’t let me change font colors – so setting the whole thing locally seemed like a good idea. Well, it only seemed so. Eventually, since I lost an entire afternoon on this, I gave up and returned to translating – now that I know how to do!

The result: I finally posted here, yey! Do you find technology a bit overwhelming now and then?

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