The downside of vacation time

Do you take some time off? How long are you usually away from work?

I just got back from some time off. I usually take about 10 days every now and then (about 6 months or more apart). If I have been working for a long period including weekends, I take one or two days off to recover. But even being so little away from work, I had a hard time going back and having to catch up… This time, I decided to do it differently.

I took 15 days, but I checked my email often (husband was not so happy). I also let my clients know I would only check my messages at night. With this, I believe I have avoided the stress of catching up with my messages and also the stress of going back to “an empty house” – that is, no work. I tend to feel a bit lost when empty-handed, although there is much more than translating to our freelancing lives.

Something that I could not avoid was catching up with other things – invoices to be sent, payments to track, other blogs to update myself with. I used to Tweet often, but I only got back two days after my arrival.

Although I kept my eye on my messages, I was able to rest better than I have in previous periods, maybe because I do have some anxiety about my emails.

How are you handling the vacation period? Are you able to catch up more eaily, or do you neved go offline?

  1. Amanda

    It seems that the best thing in going online at least once a day when you are off is being able to confirm you are available to take that request to start as soon as you are back from vacation. This way you can avoid spending long days with little to do when you actually need to catch up with your productivity.

    5 years ago

  2. Michele Santiago

    Indeed! But it took me a few vacations and stressful days to figure this out… Thanks for your input, Amanda.

    5 years ago


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