The Facebook Top Fan Contest is on!

I have a fan page at Facebook to discuss translation and linguistic issues, as well as business and good practices. And I started a contest to give away a few prizes every translator, linguist or similar species loves: books… Here is the list of prizes:
1.       How to Succeed as a Freelance Translator (Corinne McKay)
2.       The Entrepenaurial Linguist (Judy Jenner, Dagmar Jenner)
3.       Literary Translation: A Practical Guide (Clifford E. Landers)
4.       Translation: An advanced resource book (Hatim, Munday)
5.       Sua majestade, o intérprete (Ewandro Magalhães Jr.)
6.       Mox’s Illustrated Guide to Freelance Translation (Alejandro Moreno-Ramos)
You can follow the top fan list clicking here.
Please note that I am giving away new books, my copies are mine and no copyright or other rights violation is intended.
Regulation –Top 3 Fans Contest
    1.       You will only be considered elligible to win the prizes if the following criteria have been met:
a.  Like Santiago Translations fan page.
b.  Interact as much as you want, by liking and/or commenting on posts, or posting translation-related or language-related information. Please note that those who post something unrelated to the main topic of this page will have their posts removed and be banned from the page.
c.  Comment on this blog post about what subject prize do you wish to receive. Please note that you are able to change your mind until 15 August, 23h59 (GMT +3). Then, I will add a comment letting everyone know that the contest is over.
    2.       I will post a list of winners within 24 hours from the end and contact the winners.
    3.       List of PRIZES by category
a.  PRACTICAL: How to Succeed as a Freelance Translator OR Sua majestade, o intérprete
b.  THEORY: Translation: An advanced resource book
c.  BUSINESS: The Entrepenaurial Linguist
d.  FUN: Mox’s Illustrated Guide to Freelance Translation (1st place only)
    4.       Format of PRIZES
a.  PDF: How to Succeed as a Freelance Translator; The Entrepenaurial Linguist; Literary Translation: A Practical Guide; Translation: An advanced resource book
b.  Paperback: Sua majestade, o intérprete; Mox’s Illustrated Guide to Freelance Translation
    5.       The three top fans will be comtemplated with the following prizes:
a.  3rd: One book from all categories, except FUN.
b.  2nd: Two books from all categories, except FUN.
c.  1st: Two books from all categories plus the FUN book.
    6.       The names Michele Santiago and Thiago Freires will be diregarded from the Top Fan list, so they can help disclose any posts/information as they see fit without impairing the final top fan list.
    7.        The promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook.
    8.       The winners will be contacted outside of Facebook (due to FB rules about contests).
Start interacting!
  1. Amanda

    Hey, I’m so happy for having won the first place. I bet Mox’s book is really funny.
    As for the other two books, let me think and I come back to tell you which ones I chose.

    5 years ago

  2. Michele Santiago

    Congratulations, Amanda! 🙂

    5 years ago


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