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My dearies,

I’m away due to my research in MA, which is taking quite some time, and I’ll still be away until June… Meanwhile, I’m making a sort of journal somewhere else with my experiences in Linux, since I’m no tech expert, so in case you’re interested, curious, and more importantly, if you could help me (PLEASE!), you can visit

Hope to see you soon!


About Michele Santiago

Translation, localization, editing, subtitling. 7 years of experience in English and Spanish into Braz. Portuguese, specialized in Medical, Pharma and IT. Love rainy days, travelling and gadgets. Not necessarily in that order.

  1. Vertimai

    Experience in Linux? It’s really good.

    5 years ago

    • Michele Santiago

      Yes, it has been quite an experience.

      Hope you continue stopping by!

      5 years ago


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